Head to the Query Builder tab in Trevor.io and open the table that contains your transactions (or whatever it is that you're looking for).

How do you know if a transaction has been cancelled?

If your users can cancel transactions, then one of the columns in the table might be called something like:

  • status (with values like Shipped, or In Progress, or Cancelled)

  • deleted at / cancelled at date (with values like 2019-05-01, or NULL*)

  • cancelled (with values like TRUE, or FALSE)

*NULL here means there is no deleted at / cancelled at date (i.e. the transaction has not been cancelled)

🔍 Searching

Once you've found the relevant column and value, you can create a simple filter to return just the cancelled transactions.



Trevor only displays the first 100 results, so it might be that you suspect a table contains a certain value (e.g. "cancelled") even though you can't actually see it.

If this is the case, then try:

  1. clicking the header of that column;

  2. clicking count

Trevor will return each of the unique values in that column, as well as the number of times it appears.


In Progress: 10,000
Shipped: 90,000
Cancelled: 8000

Ah-ha! Cancelled is there! So now you know what to filter on.


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