Rather than looking up all of a given customers' transactions, you might just be interested in the first, or most recent.

For this article, I'm going to assume a direct relationship exists between your customers table and the table containing transaction / sales / orders data. Learn more here.

Get started

Get started by looking up the specific customer / user you're interested in. 

Or, if you're interested in everyone, open the table containing all your customers / users.

Join the data

  1. Click the Join button above the table. 

  2. Select the table containing transaction information.

  3. Click the advanced button.

  4. In the bringing in dropdown menu that appears, select either only latest matching row (i.e. the most recent transaction) or only earliest matching row (i.e. the first transaction). (Don't see this? We can help!)

  5. Hit Done.

All done! 

Rather than showing every single transaction for each customer, your'll have just one row per customer that contains details of their earliest, or latest, transaction.


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