Identifying your Users table

Head to the Query Builder tab in and locate the table that contains your users. 

It's probably called something like customers, or users, or perhaps the profession your users belong to - e.g. teachers / photographers / doctors etc.

Click to open it. 

Getting to know your Users table

In theory, each row in this table represents a user. 

Each column represents some associated characteristic, like:

  • ID

  • name

  • email

  • country

  • sign up date

  • address

  • sign up source etc. 

Finding connected data

If you see a drill-down button to the left of each row, it means your Users table is connected to other tables (e.g. the table containing transactions / orders / sales).

Click the drilldown buttons to explore the data connected to each individual customer. For example, in the GIF above, you can see the transactions made by the customer with ID 1.

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