You might be interested in finding transactions that occurred:

  • In the last 7 days

  • Last month

  • On 18th April 2018

  • Between 5-10th September

And so on! 

Getting started

Head to the Query Builder tab in and open the table that contains your transactions.

🧐Important - remember to decide which transactions you're interested in. For example, you might wish to exclude cancelled transactions.

Filtering by date

Identify the column that represents the date the transaction took place.


  1. Click the header of that column and select filter.

  2. In the dropdown, you can select date time/ day / week / month / year (see note below).

  3. Choose your operator (i.e. equals, less than, before etc)

  4. Choose your second term (e.g. x days ago).

  5. Click done.

All done! Trevor will return the results that match your criteria. 

What next? 

Note 🤖

  • If you filter by date time is less than 1 day ago, all transactions that occurred within the last 24 hours will be returned. 

  • If you filter by date is less than 1 day ago, then only transactions that occurred today (i.e. after 12am (midnight) last night) will be returned. 


Having trouble?

We're on standby to help! To chat with us, click the blue Intercom button in the bottom right of Trevor's interface.

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