Let's say you're interested in finding all the sales your company made yesterday. 

Getting started

Head to the Query Builder tab and open the table containing your sales data.

Next, identify the column that represents the date the sale took place.

Creating a rolling filter

  1. Click the new column button

  2. Give your column a name (e.g. Yesterday)

  3. Where it says Enter your formula, copy and paste the following: (now() - 1.day()).toDate()

  4. Click Done.

  5. Click the Filter button.

  6. Select the column that represents the transaction date.

  7. In the dropdown, select day.

  8. Select = as your operator.

  9. Click the show other columns link.

  10. Select the column you created in steps 1-3.

  11. Click done.

In a nutshell, you created a new column that, no matter when you check, always contains yesterday's date. Next, you created a filter that returns results where the date of each sale matches yesterday's date.

All done! 


What next?


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