In this article, I cover how to find your: 

  • Top sales day ever

  • Top sales day each month

(1) Identify your top sales date ever

  1. Head to the table containing your sales data

  2. Count your sales by day. 

  3. Click the header of the count column.

  4. Click sort

  5. In the sort modal, choose the descending option. 

Done! The top result in the table is the one you're after.

(2) Identify your top sales day in each month

This one's a little trickier, but certainly possible 🤓

  1. Complete steps 1 and 2 of the method above.

  2. Click the header of the column containing the transaction date.

  3. Select more options.

  4. In the format as section, choose year-month.

  5. In the modal that appears, click done. A new column containing the month will be added.

  6. Click the plus icon above the table.

  7. Select calculate as new column.

  8. In the choose calculation section, select max(the-date-column) (where the-date-column is the column in your table containing the transaction date (tip: it's often called created_at)).

  9. In the group results by section, select the new month column you created in step 5.

  10. Click done. A new column containing the max number of sales in each month will be added.

  11. Click the filter button above the table.

  12. Select your count column and then choose the equals operator.

  13. Click the show other columns link.

  14. Select the column you created in step 10 that contains the max per month. 

  15. Click the plus icon above the table.

  16. Select hide columns.

  17. Hide the two custom columns you created (i.e. the month column and the max column).

All done! 🚀

You now have a table containing each month's top sales day 😀


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