In this article, I cover how to find your total sales on each day of the week, on a per month basis.

ie. In each month, what are your total sales on a Monday, Tuesday....Sunday?

Here goes:

  1. Head to the table containing your sales data

  2. Click the header of the column containing the transaction date.

  3. Select more options.

  4. In the extract section, choose day of week

  5. In the modal that appears, click done. A new column containing the day of the week will be added.

  6. Click the calculate button.

  7. In the calculate section, count your sales.

  8. In the group by section, select column containing the transaction date. Then, from the dropdown that appears, select month.

  9. Then, click the plus icon and select the day of week column you created in step 5. 

  10. Click done

All done! 🚀

Your results might look something like this:


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