In this article, I cover how to find your most active users

What does "active" mean?

The first thing to determine is what active means in the context of your business.

For example, it might mean the people who:

  • bought the most products.

  • sent the most messages.

  • spent the most money.

  • logged in the most times.

  • performed some action the most times etc.

An Example

Imagine you run an online marketplace like Ebay that connects buyers and sellers of various products.

You're in the set up phase and want sellers to upload as many new products to your platform as possible. Specifically, you want to know:

Which sellers have uploaded the most products in the last 7 days?

Your database contains, among others:

  • a Sellers table.

  • a Products table (where each row is connected to a different seller in the Sellers table) that contains an upload date column.

Here goes:

  1. Open your Sellers table.

  2. Click the Join button. 

  3. Select the Products table.

  4. Click done. Trevor will bring in the data, matching the rows from the Products table with each relevant seller. 

  5. Important: do you need to filter out deleted products? 

  6. Next, find the upload date column from the Products table and click the header.

  7. Select the filter by upload date option from the dropdown.

  8. Create your filter: upload date is less than 7 days ago.

  9. Click done. Trevor will limit the results to rows containing products uploaded in the last 7 days. 

  10. Click the calculate button. The calculate modal will open. 

  11. In the calculations(s) section, click the plus icon and then select count products.

  12. In the group by section, select sellers

  13. In the Include other columns section that appears, click the names of any columns you want to include in the results. 

  14. Click Done

All done! You have a table containing your most active sellers. The results should be sorted automatically (i.e. the sellers with the most uploads at the top).


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