In this article, I explain how to create a visualisation showing real monthly results vs a target (i.e. what you're aiming to achieve). 

Actual transactions per month vs target

You can count anything, but let's say you're interested in transactions per month

  1. To count transactions per month, follow the instructions here.

  2. Next, click the line chart option. 

Your results might look something like this:

Now, we're going to add a target.

  1. Click the new column button.

  2. Name your column (e.g. 2018 target).

  3. Add your value (e.g. 100).

  4. Click Done

  5. Select the line-chart option.

All done!

You now have a table containing the transaction month, transaction count, and a target value, which might look something like this:

Note: we currently create two axes whenever the difference between the two lines on the graph is greater than 3x.


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