Live stream data to Google Sheets in a few simple steps:

  1. Save your query. 

  2. Click the Share button.

  3. Select Export to Google Sheets.

  4. Paste the formula into any cell in your Google Sheet.


(1) How much data can I export?

There's a cell limit of around 190k cells, and filesize limit of around 1MB. 

It's not always consistent. Sometimes, you may be able to export more and, other times, less. 

(2) How often does Google refresh the data?

Around once an hour.

(3) Google has changed my dates to strange numbers

In Google Sheets, click Format > Number > Date.

(4) The commas and dots are the wrong way round

In Google Sheets, click File > Spreadsheet Settings and change your locale to United Kingdom.

(5) How can I get new rows to appear at the bottom?

Sort your data in Trevor so that new rows appear last i.e. sort your date column in ascending order.


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