Our Trevor.io / Slack.com integration lets you use changes to the data in your database to 'trigger alerts' in Slack.

It's a brilliant way to get summary snapshots of your data, or be alerted when things you care about happen


  • A new user signs up

  • A new transactions occurs

  • No new activity has happened in a while (oh no! Problem that needs checking?)

And anything else you can think!

(1) Getting started

🔧You'll need: 

  • A Trevor.io account (free to set up).

  • A Slack.com account (free to set up)

  • A saved Trevor Query (i.e. a query that returns the info you want to be included in your Slack message).

Once the above is sorted:

  1. Head to your datasource.

  2. Create or open a Saved Query.  

  3. Click the black Share button, in the top right (next to the Save Again button).

  4. From the left sidebar in the Share Modal, select Create Slack Alert.

  5. Choose a trigger i.e. when the alert should be sent (Not sure how these work? Scroll down for more info!)

  6. Choose a frequency i.e how often your alert should fire.

  7. Setting this integration up for the first time? Click the Add to Slack button and follow the simple instructions. 

  8. Once back in Trevor, select a Slack Channel (i.e. where your alert will be sent).

  9. Now the fun part: compose your message. You can combine data and text to create a useful, context-specific message. 

  10. Send the Send test message to Slack button to check everything's working.

  11. Click Save and Activate.

Bippity-boppity-boo! You'll receive a message in Slack each time your alert is triggered. 

Note: You can toggle your alert on and off any time.


  • New Insight results: triggers when your insight has new rows.

  • Updated Insight results: triggers when your insight has new rows, or values in any of the existing rows have changed.

Potential problems

Here's a list of potential issues that could occur:

  • You or a teammate updates a Slack alert's underlying Insight. If this happens, then your alert may stop running completely, or the results may differ from expected results (based on the change).

  • The database gets disconnected. If this happens, your alerts will immediately stop working.

  • Slack gets disconnected. If Trevor app is removed from your Slack account, your alert will automatically switched off.

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