Common issues in Google Sheets

Resource at url contents exceeded maximum size

Google sheets has a cell limit of around 190k cells, and a file limit of around 1MB. It's not always consistent, and sometimes you can export more, other times, less 🤷‍♀️

We have a workaround that can help - go to the Google Sheets exports page and scroll down to the section 'Exceeded Google's import limit?' to get the links for this. 


Google has changed my dates to strange numbers

Sometimes, Google Sheets doesn't recognise the date format exported from 

i.e. it appears as a number instead of a date. 

To correct this, simply:

  1. Highlight the column
  2. Click Format > Number > Date.

And you're all set 💪


My commas and dots are the wrong way around

In Google Sheets, click File > Spreadsheet Settings and change your local to United Kingdom 🇬🇧


Results have stopped updating

This is a feature of Google Sheets. When you do a dataimport, it tells Google Sheets to retrieve results from Trevor whenever it needs new results. By default, it does this retrieval around once per hour. However, as an "optimisation", when the sheet hasn't been accessed for a while, it will stop retrieving results until you come back.


Resource at url not found

We have to encode the the filename when we pass to Google Sheets, and some symbols cause an issue. For example, if you have a '/' in the query name, such as 'Sales numbers for 3/5/23' that can cause this error. 

If renaming your query does not work, please send our team a message.


Number Formatting

If you have a 0 in front of a number within Trevor (e.g. a Zip code 00989), when you export to a Google Sheets feed, it will automatically remove the zeros. To work around this, you can:

  1. Convert the column to a string column
  2. Add a new column with ' symbol before each string (use formula: "'" + column)
  3. Export this to Google Sheets
  4. Then it will be correctly formatted as a string

Unfortunately, you will have this extra symbol, as this is the only way to ensure Google recognises the '0'.


Error - try to reduce the amount of import functions

If you are getting an error that looks like this:
Screenshot 2023-08-14 at 09.16.18.png

This is due to restrictions imposed by Google Sheets to limit the number of import feeds. They have a help article here with more info.

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