Troubleshooting BigQuery

Checking regions match

1. Are our IPs whitelisted?


2. Have you been able to test the connection and is it working?

3. Check your region settings:


Go to Edit Connection


Then within the configuration options of the table within BigQuery check if the region matches. 

Problem preparing export

If you get the following error message:
Problem preparing export: Your database responded with an error: Already Exists

This means that BigQuery is working on running the query, and when it is re-submitted it sees the request as a duplicate. If you refresh the page and resubmit the job, then BigQuery says: "Hey, I'm already working on your query, wait for it to complete, there is no point in submitting a duplicate at this point"


If you are still experiencing an issue please message the team via our chat - on the bottom right hand corner 😊

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