Connecting to SQL Server on Microsoft Azure

To connect to your Azure SQL database you simply need to:

  1. identify the Hostname and the Database name
  2. whitelist's Static IPs

Identify Host name and Database name

To identify the Host and Database name, navigate to your SQL server in the Azure portal.


As seen in the above screenshot:

  • the Host name is labelled as the "Server name" on the right.
  • the Database name is listed under "SQL databases" near the bottom.
  • and finally, you can whitelist's Static IPs by clicking "Show networking settings" on the right.

Whitelist's Static IPs

Under "Networking" you need to set "Public network access" to "Selected networks" as shown below:


And then near the bottom of the page you need to add two firewall rules:


It's important to add both as shown below:


Now remember to click "Save".


Connect to

You can now head to's setup connection page and enter the correct Host and Database values as shown below:


Make sure that the database type is set to "SQL Server" and that the Port is 1433.


Username and Password

The User and Password fields are your database user credentials.


To create new user credentials, follow this guide.

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