Connecting to BigQuery on GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

To connect to your Postgres database, login to Trevor and head to the connect BigQuery screen.

You'll need to enter the following fields:


This is just a memorable name you choose to give this datasource.  It can be anything you like, e.g. "Our Data Warehouse".




This field must match the exact location of the data in your BigQuery.

Important: if your data is in "us-east-4", then choosing "US" for this field will not work.  You need to choose "us-east-4".


To identify the region for your BigQuery data:

  1. Open up Google Cloud Console and go to the “BigQuery” service page. This can be done by typing “BigQuery” in the search bar.


  2. Click on the dataset you are interested in


  3. Make a note of the “Data location” field value. This is the value which you need to select into the “Region” bar in Trevor


JSON Key File

  1. Head to

  2. Click IAM and Admin in the left panel.


  3. Select Service Accounts from the list.

  4. Click the Create Service Account link (near the top)


  5. You'll need to grant two roles: BigQuery Data Viewer and BigQuery User.


  6. Once you click done, click the email address of your created service account.

  7. Click on the KEYS tab.

  8. Click Add key and select create new key


  9. Select JSON and then click Create.


  10. Once you have your key, upload it to here.


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