Create a query

Here's a step-by-step guide to building a query:

  1. Head to the Query builder on the left-hand side navigation menu (look for the rocketship icon).
  2. Scroll over to the first step in your query: start from. You will have the option to begin building your query from an existing table, write SQL or upload a CSV file.
  3. In, you build queries by adding steps (e.g. filter / sort / summarize).
  4. Click the table column headers or the sidebar buttons to add steps.
  5. The order of the steps matters.
  6. Add filter steps early to help speed up your queries.
  7. Hover over steps to change them.

You can:

  1. 1️⃣ Edit them (e.g. to change a filter)




2️⃣ Disable them (your query will rerun without the step)




3️⃣ Delete them (goodbye step!)




4️⃣ Jump between them (to see the results after a specific step)




5️⃣ Insert new steps (beneath a specific step)



Join our co-founder, Tom to build your first query:

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