Forecasting with Trevor

If you're looking to get a predictive number or forecast from your existing data to say where you're going to end up at the end of the month or year, you can do that with Trevor and our Google Sheets live feed! Follow our step-by-step or video below.

  1. Open the table with the data you want to forecast, e.g. orders
  2. Get a total count of the orders so far for the period you're investigating (e.g. orders this month)
  3. Save this and copy the link into a new Google Sheets page 
  4. Go back to Trevor and start a new query
  5. Open the orders table again and this time, you'll be getting an average that you can use to forecast. This can be a bit tricky, as of course forecasting isn't guaranteed! Much like the weather ☔️ 
    For my example, I used the average daily orders for the last 3 months, so that the data was more relevant. You could also just take the average from the month so far, and use that to predict your order flow for the rest of the month
  6. Once you have the average, add an additional column with today's date. The formula is now()
  7. Save this query and copy the Google Sheets link into your sheet next to the count of orders
  8. You should now have three columns in the Google Sheet: count of orders so far in the month, average daily orders, and today's date.
    Now you need to add a column with the end of the month and then a further column with this formula: =(cell with end of the month datecell with today's date)
    This cell will then fill with the number of days remaining in the month
  9. Now add another cell with the forecasting formula:
    =(cell with orders so far this month) + (cell with average orders number * cell with number of days remaining in the month)
  10. This cell will now give you an up-to-date forecast that will update throughout the month as the count of orders, days remaining, and average changes. 

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