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If you want to easily connect from your query in Trevor to a web link, or hyperlink, you can do this by adding a new column. You will need to already have a column that relates to the unique id or equivalent that will help to build the link. 

E.g. I might have a link like so: https://trevorwebsite/id/12345/

Where the id 12345 directs me to the specific page I want.

If I have a table with these ids, I can add the link to that table like so:

  1. Click 'columns' and then 'add a new column'.
  2. Add the following formula: "https://trevorwebsite/"+id_column+"/"
    Where 'id_column' is the column in your table that holds the unique id.
  3. This will create a new column with a link to the webpage you created. 

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