Filter dates between a specific range

You can either click this link to watch a 26 second demo video, or follow the below instructions to filter a date range.

1️⃣ To filter between two specific dates, hover your mouse over the date column in question and click the down arrow:


2️⃣ Click filter and select the bottom option: is after. Click the date box and select your date using the calendar pop-up (or simply type the date using a YYYY-MM-DD format):


3️⃣ If you want to display data created after a specific date until now, simply click Done. If you have a specific date range in mind, now click Add another filter (ensure the filter is set to AND, not OR) and change the filter to is before. Now select your date and click Done:


Top tip: To sort the dates in order, hover your mouse over the date column and click the down arrow. Click sort. You can now choose between displaying your data in ascending or descending order of date.

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