Summarize as a column

If you want to perform a calculation that brings the result as a new column in your query, or summarize horizontally, there are a couple of ways you can do this:

Add a new column

  • You can select 'columns' from the steps section, and then in the dropdown click 'add a new column'. 
  • In here, you can do any calculation you want with your data, e.g. get the percentage difference between two columns, add or subtract numbers, or combine text. Check out our cheatsheet for all the possibilities!



Summarize as a new column

  • In the steps section you will see a '+' next to the step options.
  • Click it, and 'summarize as a new column' will appear.
  • This allows you to perform a summarize and add the data as a new column, for example if you have a list of customers in Belgium, you can do a summarize as a new column, using count, and it will show you that there are five customers, but you still have your original query, like so:

summarize_as_new_column.gif Note: summarize as a new column is currently not compatible with MySQL databases.  

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