Credits pricing FAQs

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Some commonly asked questions:

If I have a query that uses other saved queries, will it use more than 1 credit?

If you have a data feed or an alert (1 credit) and the query uses other saved queries as part of it, it will still be 1 credit per data feed or alert. Each saved query within that query is not costing an additional credit.

How are credits calculated for ad-hoc queries?

Each step of an ad-hoc query is 10 credits. A ten-step query will use 100 credits, for example. 

Where can I find my usage?

You can find your usage on the dial emoji in the left-hand toolbar. The Activity section, tells you the total credits used, and what percentage was used by each category. You can click into the category to see if particular dashboards or alerts are using a lot of credits.  credits.gif

When do my credits refresh?

Trevor credits are calculated based on a rolling window, i.e. the calculation is always the number of credits from one month ago to today. This is the number that will show in your dashboard.

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