5. Sorting data

You can sort your data in ascending or descending order.

To make your life easier, we do quite a bit of automagic (geddit? 😉) sorting in Trevor. But sometimes, you'll want to control this yourself. 

Sort your data

Simply click the header of the column containing the data you wish to sort, then select the Sort by option.

You can also sort the data based on multiple columns. For example, consider the following table, which contains data about some lovely bean bag sales that haven't been sorted:



There may be some interesting takeaways in there, but it's a bit of a mess and so hard to make sense of.

Now, consider the following:



This is exactly the same table - the only difference is that we've sorted the data by the values in the order_created_at column and then by the values in the price_usd column. It's now 10x easier to make sense of because we can see what was bought on what day.

To do this:

  1. Click the order_created_at column header.
  2. Select rows -> sort rows by created_at
  3. Click "Add another sort column" in the modal that pops up, and then choose the price_usd column.

Check it out live here:


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