How to connect

You can connect your database directly or using SSH (e.g. via a Bastion Host). 

Connecting directly

To connect your database directly, you'll need the following information:

Postgres, MySQL, MariaDB, Redshift, SQL Server

  1. Host (e.g.
  2. Port (e.g. 5432)
  3. User (username)
  4. Password
  5. Database (e.g. db123)


  1. Host (e.g.
  2. User (username)
  3. Password
  4. Database (name of the default database to connect to)
  5. Warehouse


  1. Region (e.g. US)
  2. JSON Keyfile

Connecting via SSH

To connect using SSH, you'll need:

  1. SSH Host (e.g.
  2. SSH Port (e.g. 22)
  3. SSH User (username)
  4. Password (optional)
  5. Keyfile
  6. Passphrase

For a step-by-step guide to connecting, go here.

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