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🥷🏻 Connecting to AWS (Amazon Web Services)

🥷🏻 Connecting to GCP (Google Cloud Platform)

🥷🏻 Connecting to Microsoft Azure

🥷 Connecting your database

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🙊 Troubleshooting

  • Troubleshooting BigQuery

    Checking regions match 1. Are our IPs whitelisted? 2. Have you been able to test the connection and is it working? 3. Check your region ...

🙋‍♂️ Common questions

  • Connect Airtable to Trevor

    You can use tools like Airbyte to bring Airtable into an SQL database:Airbyte ConnectionsTrevor can then easily connect to your SQL datab...

  • Detecting joins

    Does detect the joins in my database? Yes! When you connect your database to, we automatically derive the relationshi...

  • Manually configure joins

    When you connect your database to, we automatically detect the relationships between your tables.  If a join is missing, you ca...

  • Data in Trevor

    Does store a copy of my database? 💪 No! Trevor does not store a copy of your database. 🔐 Your data stays safely and securely i...