What's new: Countif, summarize suggestions

The latest updates from our wonderful engineering team are here!

  • CSV downloads
  • Countif 🥳
  • Summarize suggestions

CSV downloads 

Previously when downloading a csv of your query, Trevor provided a download of the most recent cached version of your query. However, if you recently added some steps, that download might not reflect the newest results. 

With this update, if a completed cached view is available for the current saved version of your query, this will download straight away. If the cached view is not available yet, you will be emailed when the results are complete.


One of our most-requested features is finally here!

You can now select certain conditions that you want to apply to a summarize function (i.e. count if, sum if, max if, etc.)

Instead of doing a filter step and then a summarize, you can combine these in one:


So instead of filtering for customers who signed up more than 2 months ago, and then counting the customers, you can just do one summarize and only count the customers if they signed up more than 2 months ago!

Summarize suggestions

Now when you bring a table into Trevor, we'll suggest some summarize options that might be useful (e.g. count customers by sign up month). When you click 'Activate' the step will automatically be applied to your query.



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