What's new: dashboard users, join INT and STRING columns

Here are the latest goodies cooked up by the geniuses at the Trevor engineering team:

  • Dashboard users
  • Joining INT and STRING columns
  • Export query logs
  • Language improvements

Dashboard users

You can now share your dashboards with specific users! Just hit the share button, pop their email in, and they'll get an email inviting them to the dashboard. 

They can't access underlying queries or edit the dashboard, just view the content.



Joining INT and STRING columns

INT and STRING columns (i.e. number and text columns) can now be used for joins.


Export query logs

It's now possible to export query logs. This report shows each query run by each user in the last 30 days. It contains a link to each query, when it was run and who by.


Available on Business and Enterprise subscriptions.

Language improvements

For those who are new to the world of data and databases, some of the terminologies can be pretty confusing. We're replacing some of this to make it clearer for those users and encourage everyone to learn more about data infrastructure.
The first of these changes is switching 'STRING' to 'TEXT'

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