What's new: connect to localhost, template steps in SQL

Newest releases from our engineering team:

  • Connect Trevor.io to localhost 
  • Template steps in SQL
  • BigQuery support for add_hours

Connect Trevor.io to localhost

You can now connect Trevor.io to a database running on your local computer by simply mapping your local database port to an online URL (as Trevor.io can't directly access your localhost otherwise 🔒). 

This is easy to do using the open-source, free service known as ngrok

Detailed instructions here!

Template steps in SQL

Now you can see Trevor.io steps after completing your SQL query, so you can easily combine SQL with Trevor steps. 


Tip: you can also export Trevor steps to SQL so you can see what you've built with the query builder!


BigQuery support for add_hours

You can now add hours / minutes / days etc. to datetime columns in BigQuery databases using the formula:
add_hours(3, your_datetime_column) 

Change '3' to the number of hours you want to add and 'your_datetime_column' to the column you want to add to. 

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